Miscarriage Art – 16 Options for Memorializing Your Miscarriage or Infant Loss Through Art

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In this article I share ideas for honoring miscarriage and infant loss through art. Miscarriage art can be a lovely gift for a friend or loved one, or to purchase for yourself as a meaningful miscarriage memorial. The list includes items like custom drawings, paintings representing angel babies and art prints incorporating your baby’s ultrasound photo or heartbeat.

    From art prints using an ultrasound photo to custom drawings of your angel baby, miscarriage art is a meaningful way to honor your loss.

    Miscarriage Art – A Way to Remember and Honor your Loss

    Many women and families who have suffered miscarriage or infant loss are seeking a way to honor and remember that beloved, lost child. A meaningful painting, drawing or photograph can be a lovely miscarriage memorial.

    Whether you’re looking for a painting that captures the feelings of a mother’s love and grief or custom artwork depicting your baby’s face, there are many options for thoughtful miscarriage art. Think about what symbols and images are meaningful to you.

    Do you want a piece that depicts your unique baby and family or something that captures the feelings of love and loss inherent in pregnancy loss?

    Do you want something subtle where only you know the meaning or something that immediately calls to mind your loss to others who view the art as well?

    Below are a range of styles and price ranges to help you find the miscarriage art that speaks to you. You’ll even find some free options from organizations wishing to comfort those experiencing loss, regardless of budget.

    Miscarriage Art

    1. St. Zelie Martin Quotation

    This lovely print reads, “We shall find our little ones again up above.” These words are from St. Zelie Martin, the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux. St. Zelie Martin lost several babies herself, giving extra meaning to her words.

    2. Angel Baby Art – Foil Print

    Depicting a mother holding her angel baby, this handmade foil print is a lovely way to memorialize a miscarriage. You can customize the colors, size and text to meet your vision.

    3. Colorful Butterfly Print

    Bright and eye-catching, this colorful butterfly print includes a common symbol of miscarriage, the butterfly. It also includes a lovely sentiment with the words, “I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in heaven.”

    4. Framed Sonogram Photo

    This customizable frame turns your sonogram photo into a piece of art. You can customize colors and the words printed on the frame to choose something meaningful to you.

    5. Watercolor Angel Baby Art

    Watercolors give this miscarriage painting a soft and lovely look. It shows a baby with angel wings resting on a cloud. The artist allows you to customize the skin color for the baby as well as the color of the wings. You can also choose a 5×7 or 8×10 print.

    6. Ultrasound Art Print

    A Beautiful Remembrance offers art prints using your ultrasound photo to create custom artwork perfect for honoring your baby. The organization also offers many free, customizable digital files you can use to honor your loss.

    7. Memorial Print for Stillbirth or Infant Loss

    Using the baby’s handprints and footprints, this is a lovely option to honor a baby lost to stillbirth or lost in infancy. You can choose either a print or digital file. 

    8. Resting Angel Miscarriage Painting

    Titled, “Miscarriage – In Heaven They Grow,” this painting by Jessica Bassett shows an angel resting among the clouds. You can choose from a variety of print options including a canvas print or framed print.

    9. Lost – Miscarriage Painting

    Titled, “Lost,” this painting by Emily Boehm was inspired by the artist’s two miscarriages. It captures the heartache associated with pregnancy loss.

    10. Butterfly Remembrance Print

    This remembrance print uses the miscarriage symbol of a butterfly. You can include your child’s name, a date or dates and a quotation that’s meaningful to you.

    11. Family Portrait Including Angel Baby – Digital File

    Artist Kamie Zamora channeled her grief from multiple miscarriages to create lovely miscarriage art designed to bring a sense of comfort to others. She makes family portraits that include angel babies. These are not custom drawn, rather she has created many portraits depicting different families to allow you to choose one that resembles your own. She also offers a variety of other miscarriage art prints.

    12. Mother and Angel Baby Print

    Also from Dilly Designs Art, this line art print shows a mother with her angel baby. These prints can be customized with names, dates, quotations, etc. for a small charge.

    13. Custom Portraits

    These beautiful custom portraits are a meaningful way to remember babies lost in infancy or to stillbirth. She hand draws pencil portraits of angel babies, either with their siblings / families or on their own. She also offers angel baby art prints.

    14. Personalized Line Drawing – Mother with Angel Baby

    The artist will customize these line drawings to depict your unique traits, making this a meaningful piece of miscarriage art. She also offers family portraits including lost loved ones, though they are currently sold out.

    15. Free Memorial Prints

    This organization, Mother of Wilde, provides free miscarriage memorial prints to help grieving families recognize and remember their loss. They also create lovely customized prints for miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss.

    16. Heartbeat Print

    This unique baby memorial print uses your baby’s heartbeat taken during an ultrasound. In addition to a special piece of miscarriage art, the company also sends a card with a QR code that will play the recording any time you like.

    More Ideas for Miscarriage Remembrance

    Miscarriage art is a meaningful way to honor and remember a lost child. There are other lovely ways to memorialize a miscarriage as well. For more ideas, check out my article, 13 Ways to Memorialize Your Miscarriage. I also have an article on memorializing your miscarriage with a Jizo statue.

    And if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one who has suffered a miscarriage, I’ve also put together 33 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Miscarriage and 20 Jewelry Options to Commemorate Loss.


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