13 Ways to Memorialize Your Miscarriage: Honoring a Pregnancy Loss

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Hi, my name is Allison Schaaf, my own fertility journey, including 5 miscarriages, inspired me to create this website to help YOU navigate your own fertility journey.

In this article I share ways in which you can memorialize your miscarriage, these are beautiful ways of remembering your baby and honoring your pregnancy loss.  With all of these ideas for commemorating a miscarriage, I encourage you to go with what feels most meaningful and appropriate to you. 

    Meaningful Ways of Remembering Your Baby After a Miscarriage

    Families dealing with miscarriage and pregnancy loss may find it comforting to find a way to memorialize the baby, sometimes referred to as a miscarriage memorial.  The ideas below will help remember a baby, even after miscarriage and bring honor to a pregnancy loss.  The most important thing when it comes to miscarriage memorials is to do what feels right and meaningful to you.  Browse the ideas of ways to commemorate a miscarriage below, finding what resonates most with you. 

    1. Plant a Tree or Flower Garden in Honor of the Baby

    Planting a tree or flower garden can be a meaningful way to memorialize and remember a miscarriage.  As a bonus, the act of gardening and playing in the soil can be therapeutic for the grieving process post-miscarriage.  Consider planting poppies or forget-me-nots, both of which mean “remembrance”. 

    2. Jewelry to Commemorate Your Loss

    There are a lot of creators specializing in jewelry to memorialize a miscarriage. Popular options include an angel to represent the child or jewelry adorning a birthstone to signify the birth month.  Most important is to find a piece of jewelry that is special and significant to you! One of my favorite jewelry creators is Hope Again Collective, specializing in jewelry to commemorate a pregnancy loss.  

    Here is an article with an extensive list of jewelry options specific to honoring a pregnancy loss.

    3. Name Your Baby to Honor the Loss

    Sometimes the simple act of giving your child a name and using that name in conversation can be a meaningful and special way to keep the memory of that pregnancy and baby alive.

    4. Christmas Ornaments to Remember the Loss

    Put up an meaningful Christmas ornament to honor your pregnancy loss or check out this Etsy shop for or personalized ornaments.

    5. Artwork to Memorialize the Miscarriage

    Find a painting, statue or other piece of art that is meaningful to you to help honor your miscarriage.  Angels are a popular choice. You could also choose flowers that mean “remembrance”, such as a poppy or forget-me-not.

    6. Create a Tradition of Remembrance

    Start an annual tradition of lighting a candle for your baby on anniversaries or other significant dates.  You may also choose to participate in the Wave of Light during Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week by lighting a cancel at 7p local time on October 15.

    7. Gentle Reminders with a Jizo Statue 

    The Jizo statue is a Japanese tradition of having a specific statue to give closure after miscarrying. Here is a link with options. 

    Read my article on Grieving Miscarriage with a Jizo Statue for more on this meaningful Buddhist practice.

    8. Write Your Story to Commemorate the Miscarriage 

    Writing about your experience is a meaningful way of remembering the pregnancy and loss.  This can be something kept private or shared only with close friends and/or family.

    If you feel called to share more widely, we are always looking for inspirational stories on our Stories of Hope section of our website. Contact us here if you would like to share your story with our audience. 

    9. Make Your Baby a Star and Never Forget

    You may choose to buy & name a star after your child, here is a star registration website. This can be a very meaningful and significant way to remember your baby after miscarriage. 

    10. Remember with A Hat, Booties & Blanket

    Having a personalized set of hat, booties & blanket made that are a matching size for your baby (whether it was a 6-week loss or a 16-week loss). These are available on Etsy or also through the Project Robby site, details found here.

    11. Memorialize by Adding to a Remembrance Wall or Book

    Some hospitals may have a “Book of Remembrance” where you can add your baby’s name.  You can also add your baby to the “Wall of Remembrance on the March of Dimes website, here

    12. Commission a Family Portrait to Commemorate the Loss

    Consider commissioning a family portrait be drawn, including your angel baby.   For beautiful hand drawn family portraits, you can check out artists specializing in this work, check out Kiera Butcher and Liana Lane 

    13. Hold a Ceremony to Honor Your Baby

    This doesn’t have to look like a funeral (but it can). Any sort of ceremony that can help add significance to the life of your baby can help to memorialize the pregnancy.  Consider a ceremony in a special spot in nature, maybe in a garden or on the beach. Remember that there is no “right” way to do this only what feels right to you.

    Choose What is Right for YOU! 

    Miscarriage is a loss and honoring that can be an important step on the path to healing. However, what that looks like is different for each person and family.   I encourage you to do what feels right for you when it comes to memorializing a miscarriage and honoring the loss of a baby.

    Note: This article contains affiliate links. We appreciate your support! 


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