How to Find a Clear Path Forward After Miscarriage

Feeling lost, fearful and stuck after miscarriage?

I’ve been there and have created a program I wish I had on day one of my journey.  I want to save you years of time spent going down the wrong path.

Feeling Devastated, Confused & Alone After Miscarriage?

In this course you will go from feeling stuck & overwhelmed to finding clarity in the best next step for YOU.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 6 weeks

I have walked the path of miscarriage, 6 in total.  Even just going through 1 miscarriage was 1 too many! I often felt lost and alone.  I spent years testing, not knowing if I was “doing” the right thing and feeling like I may never have the family I had always dreamed of. Negativity took over and I felt my entire life was on a downward spiral.

Can you relate? If so, this is NOT the journey you want to be on, I get it!

It is my commitment to ensure no woman walks this journey alone. I want to help guide you in these dark days.  Thru this program I am committed to-

– give you permission to take time to grieve and find the space you need

– help you grow closer to, not further from, your spouse

– understand there is no “right” path, but there is a right path for you

– connect with resources and people that will help you find that path

– help you see the “Big Picture” and to realize that you do have options and there are multiple ways forward

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these 6 weeks will completely change the trajectory of your future.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Moving Forward program.

Sending lots of love & hugs,


Pregnancy and Baby After Recurrent Miscarriage - Allison Schaaf Update Episode

While my fertility journey was unexpected, looking back, I do not regret any of the hardships I endured and am so thankful for my little family. 

I can truly say I now have the family of my dreams and every single step was worth it to bring these two babes into my life. 

I want you to find YOUR happy ending, too!

I promise to provide the support, resources and encouragement to remind you that it will all be worthwhile, no matter which direction you choose. 

Moving Forward Resource & Community

Before I Tell You About this Life Changing Program, Let’s Talk About How You Might Be Feeling- 

  • Stuck in grief and despair, not sure if you want to move forward
  • Overwhelmed with all the labwork and fearful you may be overlooking an important test 
  • Isolated and alone in your unique struggle of infertility… you are getting pregnant, but it’s not sticking
  • Misaligned with your partner and unable to communicate
  • Scared that you may never have the family you always imagined
  • Unable to see the big picture and to understand all of your options 


 If you can relate to any of the above, this program is for YOU! 

I’ve been there and with the Moving Forward program I am prepared to give you
the tools, resources and community necessary for finding your unique path forward.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Clarity on the best path forward for YOU. 
  • Confidence that you are taking the steps necessary to reach your goals.
  • Hope for the future.
  • Peace with your decisions.
  • Alignment with your spouse or partner.
  • Resources to move forward on whatever path you choose*

    *This course will give you a “Big Picture” view of ALL options, natural pregnancy, using ART, using donors and/or surrogates, adoption and more! Whichever path you decide is right for you, we have the resources to support you on your journey!

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What’s Inside the 6-Week Course

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Week 1: Dealing with Grief

How do you walk through grief? In this module we talk about the many ways grief can appear and how to deal with it.  We also include practical tips for avoiding triggers, things like how to handle baby showers and Mother’s Day.  

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Week 2: Including Your Spouse

Building a family typically involves a partner. In this section we talk about how to involve your partner in decision making as well as practical tips on how to show support during difficult times.

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Week 2: Decision Making

Recurring miscarriage can leave you feeling stuck. In this module, we walk you through practical tips for getting unstuck and how to make decisions that feel right for you. 

Next steps in your journey

Week 3: Finding Your Path

You are unique and so is the path that you choose! We guide you through the myriad of options out there, everything from ART to surrogacy to alternative therapies to making the decision to not have children. 

Moving Forward Resource & Community

Week 4: Fertility Preparation

What can you do to best prepare your body and mind for pregnancy? In this module we present multiple modalities and the pros and cons of each. 

Moving Forward Resource & Community

Week 5 & 6: Getting Help

You don’t need to go this alone. In this section we discuss the wide array of support and help that is available to you, including the traditional and non-traditional. We will help you identify areas where you most need help.

We Will Also Provide Practical Tools-
Checklists, Resource Guides & More!

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How to Support Your Spouse

Downloadable PDFs with tips and tricks for giving and receiving support from your spouse during the difficult path of recurrent miscarriage. 

Prep Dish Mealplan

Fertility Meal Plans

Did you know what you eat leading up to conception can make a big difference in egg & sperm quality? We are providing 90 days of mouthwatering, healthy meal plans that will optimize the fertility of both you and your partner.

Woman with bloodwork lab tracker

Lab Tracker

Labwork can be overwhelming, especially if you have worked with multiple doctors.

Use this to tracker to organize, sort and quickly identify any gaps in your labwork.  

Moving Forward Program
(A $997 VALUE)

 12 Implementation Modules holding your hand through it ALL- grief, decision making, next steps, partner issues and more!  

– An Easy-to-Use Lab Tracker that allows you to seamlessly move from doctor to doctor without re-doing labs unnecessarily and ensures no gaps in labs drawn.

  **This tracker alone can save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding unnecessary repeat testing when switching to a new doctor!** 

– At-Your-Pace Videos that will allow you to explore options on your own timeline.

-Private Facebook Group for support and to remind you that you are not alone. This is your tribe.

You’ll be given access to one module per week so that you can have the space and time needed to let the messages fully resonate. Each module has been carefully curated to build on the previous week, taking you step-by-step down your path of healing and moving forward.

Look, infertility can be expensive (I have spent in the 6-figure range building my family!).  Our hope with this course is to provide value, to help you SAVE both time and money by going down a more intentional, well-planned path.

I will get you from where you are now to your destination,
efficiently (avoiding wrong turns) and feeling confident & supported. 


Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront. 

The Moving Forward Program is the only program of its kind. It is kind, welcoming and comprehensive.  It will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step. 

By the end of 14 days, you’ll have received the core content, including our modules on Grief & Decision Making.  Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to fully experience the Moving Forwad proram BEFORE making a final commitment. 

If you don’t feel like the program is for you, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.  Full details here >> 



🌿 How much time will the course take? We have a total of 6 weeks worth of content, but you are welcome to spend as little or as much time as you want working through those modules! I recommend setting aside at least 1-2 hours per week to work on this, but you have access to the content after the program ends, so it doesn’t need to all be done within the 6 weeks!

🌿 What if I’m considering the option to stop trying completely? (or IVF, surrogacy, adoption, etc, etc) this course does not advocate for one path over the other, the whole point is to figure out the right path for you! No matter what options you are considering, this course will help!

🌿 Do I need to be on Facebook? No, while our Facebook group is one piece of the puzzle, it is not essential to the program.

 🌿 Can my husband join, too? Partners are welcome (and encouraged) to go through any of the content with you. We do, however, ask that the private Facebook group remains female only.

Still “Thinking About It”?

Here is WHY I am committed to helping you through this 6-week course. I struggled with the following- 

– Feeling stuck and unsure how/ when to move forward

– Spending SO much money, but doubting if I was spending on the right things! 

– Being isolated and alone in my journey

– Going through a total of 5 losses and each time feeling as if I kept doing the same thing, but expecting different results

– Visiting doctor after doctor but never feeling like they “got” me

If you can relate to any of the above, I encourage you to give the Moving Forward Program a 14-day risk-free shot!


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