Grieving Miscarriage with a Jizo Statue

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Hi, my name is Allison Schaaf, my own fertility journey, including 5 miscarriages, inspired me to create this website to help YOU navigate your own fertility journey.

In this article I share the meaning and history behind the Japanese Jizo statue and how it may be helpful to you in grieving miscarriage. I also share links to Jizo statues for sale in case you’d like to find one for your own miscarriage memorial or for a friend or loved one who has suffered from pregnancy loss.

    Grieving miscarriage is one of life’s greatest challenges. The Japanese Jizo statue is a beautiful way to grieve and honor a lost child.

    There has been so much progress in recent years when it comes to openly sharing our miscarriage stories, rather than hiding them. This is one of the reasons I started Miscarriage Hope Desk. I wanted to share stories of hope from those who have experienced pregnancy loss, as well as miscarriage stories from those needing to share their stories of loss with others. I believe sharing our stories can be powerful and cathartic, as well as serving as a means of connecting with other women who have had similar experiences.

    Still, it’s not always enough. Despite all of the progress, our culture is still sorely lacking when it comes to support for grieving miscarriage. It turns out though that some countries, such as Japan, have deep and beautiful traditions with it comes to coping with pregnancy loss. That’s what I want to share with you today.

    Jizo Statue Meaning

    Jizo Statues Meaning and History

    A Jizo statue is a small stone statue, representing the Japanese deity, Jizo. Jizo is said to be a deity who protects children and travelers. You will see them wearing red clothing and sometimes with small gifts or toys at their feet. In Japan, red has long been a color symbolizing protection against evil 1. Babies are often dressed in red in an effort to protect them from harm. Specifically, Jizo statues are often seen wearing red hats and bibs. These bibs represent baby bibs.

    As this New York Times article 2 explains, one way that Jizo statues are traditionally used in Japan is to honor and remember a lost child. The idea is that Jizo can protect the soul of a lost child and help it get to the afterlife.

    Today, Jizo statues are still widely used in Japan both as a symbol of protection for travelers 3 and unborn children and as a way of grieving miscarriage, expressing love for a lost child and as a sort of miscarriage memorial.

    Grieving Miscarriage with a Jizo Statue

    The practice of honoring a miscarriage with a Jizo statue is no longer limited to Japan. Many who have experienced pregnancy loss long to have an outlet for their grief, a way to express their love for their unborn child. Jizo statues can be a beautiful memorial for those grieving miscarriage, no matter what country you’re from.

    Some like to knit clothes for their Jizo statue and others simply place it in a garden or in the house as a miscarriage memorial. Either way, it can be a nice symbol of your love for a child who has passed away.

    If you’re interested in obtaining a Jizo statue to honor your own miscarriage or for a miscarriage gift, I’ve included some lovely options below.

    Jizo Statues for Sale

    If you would like to purchase one, you can find many Jizo statues for sale. There are many more if you’d like to search and find the one that speaks to you. Etsy, in particular, has many options for lovely Jizo statues.

    1. Handmade Stone Jizo Statue

    This lovely stone Jizo statue is handmade in Indonesia. It is a little under 8 inches tall.

    2. Jizo Girl Statue

    If you’re specifically looking for a Jizo statue depicting a girl, this is a lovely option. Made of concrete, it’s 3 inches tall, so perfect for a small space or to keep by your bedside.

    3. Jizo Statue Holding a Child

    This 5-inch tall cement Jizo statue is shown holding a child

    4. Grey Stone Jizo Statue

    This is another lovely option, a Jizo statue with a peaceful smile.

    5. Smiling Jizo in Namaste Pose

    Made from cement and basalt, this Jizo statue is made in Indonesia and measures 8 inches tall. It is shown in the Namaste pose.

    More Resources for Grieving Miscarriage

    If you’re looking for more resources for grieving miscarriage and creating a miscarriage memorial, I’ve put together a few articles to help.

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    Miscarriage Art

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    Miscarriage Jewelry

    Miscarriage Remembrance – 20 Miscarriage Jewelry Options to Commemorate Loss

    Some find an item of jewelry to be a meaningful form of miscarriage remembrance, as they can always have it with them. 



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