Ep 126 – NEW Pregnancy After Loss Program

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Pregnancy after loss can be both exciting and scary. MHD founder Allison Schaaf shares a new program to support women with pregnancy after loss.

Miscarriage Hope Desk founder, Allison Schaaf, shares an exciting new program to support women through pregnancy after loss.

Many women feel conflicting emotions during pregnancy after a miscarriage. There is often excitement, but also a lot of fear and anxiety. It can be hard to allow yourself to get excited, to feel that joy and hope associated with a long-awaited pregnancy.

Allison has gathered all of the tools that have helped her personally navigate pregnancy after loss, as well as talked to many women from the MHD community to gain insight into what would be most helpful in this time. Through these insights, she’s created the new Pregnancy After Loss program.

This unique program is designed to help you have the joyful pregnancy you deserve. It includes standalone resources like “How to Go Through an Ultrasound” as well as weekly modules with things like mantras, journal prompts, questions for reflection, and resources applicable to each stage in your pregnancy journey. 

The program also includes encouraging videos and an incredibly supportive community. The Pregnancy After Loss program has a dedicated Facebook group where you’ll be able to share both anxieties and joys of your pregnancy and seek support. 

Participants will also gain access to a mentorship program, where women who have been through pregnancy after miscarriage offer one-on-one support to those currently going through this journey. You can find more details about the program to see if it’s right for you here.

Miscarriage Hope Desk aims to help women struggling miscarriage, pregnancy loss and recurrent miscarriages (RPL), by providing the following resources-

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