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Allison Schaaf - Miscarriage Hope Desk

Hi, my name is Allison Schaaf, my own fertility journey, including 5 miscarriages, inspired me to create this website to help YOU navigate your own fertility journey.

In this article, I share a nutritious healthy snack I found myself eating regularly after one of my miscarriages.  

Recovering from miscarriage is a process and nutrition is an important part of that healing process. In my experience, diet and nutrition is something that is not widely talked about when recovering from miscarriage.  While it is important to reach for healthy, nutrient-rich foods, it is just important to find foods that feel comforting and nourishing in what can be a very challenging time emotionally, mentally and physically.

This recipe is one that I found myself craving and eating on repeat after one of my losses.  I hope you enjoy this miscarriage recovery treat as much as I do!

Miscarriage Recover – Nourishing Chocolate Smoothie

Serves 1

– 2-3 dates, pit removed

– 1 avocado

– 1/2c frozen cauliflower rice (or ice cubes)

– 2-3T cacao powder

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

– pinch of sea salt

– water as needed

Blend together until smooth & creamy (I sometimes blend the dates with some water first to make sure they are fully blended and smooth). Add water as needed. Best enjoyed with a straw to give it a milkshake vibe ;).  

Want to learn more about eating nourishing, nutrient-rich foods to help you heal after a miscarriage?  Check out our article here, What to Eat After a Miscarriage

Additional Foods to Consider After a Miscarriage

Here are a few nutrient-rich food and drinks I have personally craved or found comforting after a miscarriage. 

Liver while not to everyone’s taste, I find that eating small amounts of liver helps to restore my body after the blood loss that occurs after a miscarriage.  Focusing on lots of animal protein will also work. 

Bone Broth this one is a classic and always feels so soothing to me, whether I’m healing from miscarriage or an illness. 

Cherry Pecan Baked Pears the recipe is HERE, I love how flexbile this recipe is to swap out whatever dried fruit and nuts I have on hand.  This is a healthy, indulgent treat that leaves me feeling satisfied. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea I increase my intake of this tea after a pregnancy loss to help restore.  I enjoy it hot or cold! 

A Done-for-Me Meal Plan I use a service, Prep Dish, to help plan my weekly meals and find having someone else planning out tasty, healthy recipes for me each week is a huge bonus after a miscarriage.  Try out 14 days free, here


Want more? Read this article, here for more information on what to eat after a miscarriage. 


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