Ep40- Dr. Zali Yager – How to Support Mental Health While Processing Pregnancy Loss

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In episode #040, Dr. Zali Yager shares her personal story of loss. She is a body image and maternal mental health researcher, with a background in health education and promotion, and 16 years of experience in research and academia. Zali also has three young children, and experienced pregnancy loss after her surprise baby #4 was declared to have anomalies incompatible with life at 14 weeks of pregnancy. These anomalies were related to anencephaly, a neural tube defect that prevents normal development of the brain and skull.

Struck by how little self-help resources were available to complement the wealth of information available about pregnancy loss, she created a workbook specifically designed for women to use at the time of pregnancy loss to gain clarity and emerge with strength, kindness, and compassion for themselves and others (Navigating Pregnancy Loss: A Workbook, Planner, and Journal).

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