Best Miscarriage Care Package Options for all Budgets

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Hi, my name is Allison Schaaf, my own fertility journey, including 5 miscarriages, inspired me to create this website to help YOU navigate your own fertility journey.

In this article, I share 18 of the best miscarriage care package options. Sending a care package to a loved one who has lost a baby is a lovely show of support, as well as a meaningful way to share resources to help them heal. This list includes customizable miscarriage gift boxes as well as free miscarriage care package options.

    Miscarriage Care Package Considerations

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    It is so hard to watch a friend or loved one experience the grief of pregnancy loss. You may find yourself wanting to offer support, but unsure of what to say. Or maybe you want to show a friend that you’re thinking of her in this difficult time, but you aren’t nearby to sit with her.

    Sending a miscarriage care package is a beautiful way to show love and support for someone during a time of loss. There are truly options perfect for anyone, including a couple of non-profits offering free miscarriage care packages.

    I’ve rounded up 18 of the best miscarriage care package options out there to help you find the perfect way to show your friend or loved one you care. You may also want to share this article on self-care during miscarriage if you think it would be helpful.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind as you select a miscarriage gift box for your friend:

    • Budget – Don’t feel like you have to spend outside of your comfort zone to show your love and support. A handwritten note with kind words can be just as meaningful as a fancy gift basket. Below, you’ll find free care packages, those in the $25-$30 range, and pricier ones, depending on what you’re looking for.
    • Resources & Comfort – In general, the items in miscarriage care packages fall into two different categories – resources and comfort. Some care packages include resources like a book about grief or healing from miscarriage, a journal, or information on different pregnancy loss support organizations available to help. Other miscarriage care packages stick to comfort items like cozy tea, a soft blanket, etc. Think about what would be the most helpful for your loved one.
    • Religious Aspects – Some miscarriage care packages include religious aspects such as scripture cards relating to grief. Think about whether this is something your friend would appreciate.

    Miscarriage Care Package Options

    1. Spoonful of Comfort Sympathy Box

    It can be hard to do basic tasks when you’re in the midst of grief. Providing a home cooked meal to a friend who has suffered a miscarriage is a beautiful gesture. If you don’t life nearby though (or if cooking isn’t your thing!) Spoonful of Comfort is a great option.

    They offer a variety of comforting soups, rolls and cookies, including gluten free options. This sympathy box also includes a serving ladle and a personalized card.

    2. Laurel Box

    Prep Dish is a Laurel Box affiliate.

    This miscarriage gift box was specifically curated for mothers experiencing the loss of a child. It includes a handkerchief embroidered with a comforting Psalm, plantable seed paper, a journal, forget me not hand cream, a jewelry dish featuring a heart and either an initial or birthstone necklace.

    Laurel Box offers many other care package options as well.

    3. Our Hearts Align

    We spoke with Kara Mangum, founder of the nonprofit, Our Hearts Align, on episode 88 of the Miscarriage Hope Desk podcast.

    After suffering a miscarriage herself, she felt called to start an organization supporting mothers and families going through this painful experience.

    Our Hearts Align offers free miscarriage care packages to those who have experienced pregnancy loss. Care packages include comforting items, resources and a miscarriage devotional.

    4. Good Grief

    This company features curated care packages for life’s difficult moments, including miscarriage and infertility. They offer a mix of funny and practical items to uplift spirits. (Miscarriage Hope Desk is a Good Grief affiliate. Thank you for your support!)

    5. Bodily Care Package

    Specifically designed for those grieving miscarriage, the Bodily care package includes resources and items for both physical and emotional recovery after miscarriage. Bodily also offers other items for support after miscarriage.

    6. Virtual Hug Gift Box

    This gift box was not specifically designed for miscarriage but is a lovely way to show you’re thinking of someone in a difficult time. It includes cozy socks, luxe bath products and lip balm, all beautifully packaged as a gift.

    7. Positive Vibes Miscarriage Care Package

    Positive Vibes’ care package is designed to bring joy to anyone going through a hard time. While it does not specifically mention pregnancy loss, it is a beautiful way to show you care and help brighten someone’s day.

    This care package includes organic tea, sweet tea biscuits, artisan strawberry jam, a bonsai tree seed grow kit and a ceramic mug.

    8. Just Breathe Gift Set

    Centered around essential oils, the Just Breathe gift set from Mindful Gift Company includes 3 essential oils, eucalyptus shower steamers and an Amazonite breathe bracelet. You can add essential oil to the raw wooden beads on the bracelet.

    9. Sunshine in a Box

    This “thinking of you” gift box includes turmeric & ginger herbal tea, shortbread cookies, a mug, Meyer lemon candies, organic honey and lemon crisps. You also have the option to add a candle, face mask or throw blanket.

    This care package is from Palisades Canyon (<< affiliate link), a company that provides a number of beautiful care package options.

    10. Tea & Sympathy

    If your friend or loved one enjoys tea, this is the perfect gift box to show your love and support. It includes orange pistachio shortbread, raspberry jam drop cookies, lavender earl grey tea, chai tea concentrate and honey.

    11. Comfort Company Miscarriage Gift Box 

    This miscarriage care package is specifically curated for those experiencing pregnancy loss. It includes a comfort-blend essential oil roll-on, a comfort-blend essential oil candle and beautiful apothecary matches.

    12. Good Grief Miscarriage Box w/ Workbook 

    This miscarriage gift box contains the perfect balance of resources for pregnancy loss and items that will bring comfort and a bit of joy. In addition to things like cozy socks, lip & cheek tint, magnesium cream and a sheet mask, the box also includes a miscarriage workbook to help women process the emotions inherent in pregnancy loss.

    13. $33 Miscarriage Gift Box 

    This miscarriage sympathy gift contains several lovely items as well as a card and costs just over $33, with free shipping. This if a wonderful option if you need to stick to a budget but still want to send a loved one a few things that will help them feel seen and loved.

    Included inside are a soy candle, bath bomb, lip balm, hand-crafted soap, colorful matches and personalized card.

    14. Miscarriage Spa Gift Box 

    Here is another affordable option with a spa theme. It includes a soy candle, matches, natural soap, lip balm, bath salts, a bath bomb, bath tea and a card. You can choose among four scents to personalize the gift box: lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus or rose.

    Note: often times immediately following a miscarriage women must abstain from a bath for 2 weeks to reduce the risk of infection, this is usually for the 2 weeks following a procedure like a D&C.

    15. Loss Mom Care Package 

    Curated by a woman who has herself had a miscarriage, this miscarriage care package is perfect to send to anyone suffering from pregnancy loss. It includes lovely comfort and beauty products as well as a helpful book and resources.

    16. Affordable Thinking of You Gift Box

    This lovely miscarriage gift box is just $35 with free shipping. It includes a lovely card as well as items like a homemade candle, a velvet scrunchie, hot cocoa mix, lip balm and more, all packaged beautifully.

    17. You Are Loved Miscarriage Care Package – $23 + Free shipping

    This is another budget-friendly, but lovely option. A live succulent, small candle, nice matches and a personalized card make this a comforting gift for a friend or loved one.

    18. Miscarriage Care Package

    Perfect for a Christian friend, this miscarriage care package includes Bible verse cards with journal prompts, a watercolor print of the hymn, No Tears in Heaven, a journal, a candle with matches, plantable seed paper, chocolate and resource cards listing songs and books for grief.

    19. Free Care Package from Always in My Heart

    Always in My Heart is an organization providing comfort and support to those who have experienced miscarriage. The founder, Daisha, went through multiple pregnancy losses herself. Part of what the organization does is provide free miscarriage care packages. Each package includes a heart pendant and keychain, a journal, a personal letter, keepsake box and a memory wristband.

    Bonus – Whole Foods Order

    In addition to all of the beautifully curated miscarriage care packages, I wanted to share that I often just place a Whole Foods order for a friend who is going through a tough time. I include items I know that individual friend will love, whether that’s tea, chocolate, fancy cheese, etc. This is a great way to show you care, without paying the up-charge often associated with pre-made care packages.

    More Ideas for Miscarriage Gifts

    There are so many ways to show a friend you care. Here are a few other ideas for thoughtful miscarriage gifts. 

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    Miscarriage Jewelry

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